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NOLA Veggie Fest

A Project of the Humane Society of Louisiana

About Us

The NOLA Veggie Fest is the Big Easy’s signature celebration of all things veggie. Join us for a N’Awlins style weekend of fun and fabulous food, as we celebrate compassionate vegan cuisine and healthy lifestyles.

The Fest is a project of the Humane Society of Louisiana, a statewide, New Orleans-based charity, which was founded in the city in 1988. The Festival is operated with the volunteer support of the New Orleans Vegetarian Meetup Group; this diverse crowd of more than 700 New Orleanians enjoy plant—based diets for reasons ranging from improved health and fitness to environmental and humane concerns. Members get together to socialize, network and educate others about vegan diets and related issues.

The roots of the NOLA Veggie Fest go back to 1990, when the Humane Society (formerly LISA, League in Support of Animals) held the city’s first all vegetarian festival at the World Trade Center in downtown New Orleans.  Subsequent vegan fests followed in the 90s, culminating in the opening of the city’s first vegan restaurant, Jack Sprat’s Vegetarian Grill, which operated for four years on Carrollton Avenue.

The current incarnation of the festival was resurrected after Katrina in 2009. After operating in various venues in its first three years, the NOLA Veggie Fest found a home at the New Orleans Healing Center until 2015. In 2016, the Fest is expanding and moving to a larger venue, Kingsley House, in the Lower Garden District.

Y’all come down to the NOLA Veggie Fest, where we laissez le bon temps roulez, veggie style!


1st Annual (revived) NOLA Veggie Fest, 2009