Minnesota Democrats Ready To Put Rising Drug Costs On The TableThe prices of drugs are insane these days. They have been on the rise for years and have shown no signs of stopping. This can really cause issues for people who do not have a lot of disposable income. That means they make enough money just to pay their bills and stay afloat but when it comes to medication, they cannot afford the excessive costs some require.

In Minnesota, the House Democrats are soon getting together to talk about the soaring costs of drugs. They might actually even try to do something about it. There are going to be hearings to help reduce costs and make them more reasonable.

There need to be billed to help make drugs that might make the difference between life and death more affordable for those who need them. It shouldn’t be a question between rent and the drug that can keep you or a loved one alive.

An example of some of the insane amounts of price increases, one drug used to treat a woman’s rheumatoid arthritis went from a manageable $60 a month to an impossible $1400. That is a drug marketed toward the elderly, generally, people who live on a pension and do not have money to spare.

There is a bill being presented that would regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and help make things more clear cut and understood. Minnesota wouldn’t be the first state to do this because plenty of others have before. Sometimes they even cut the Pharmacy Benefit Managers entirely and save the states so much money, up in the millions even.

There is a lot of debate though that these changes and restrictions would cause more headaches than they would cure. This is because they say the costs would just be reflected in healthcare plans and premiums going up in price overall when they are already so expensive.

The problem, of course, is that there are people who pay for their health coverage and have it yet still die because they do not have access to the life-saving medications they need. That should not be a problem in the United States for anyone.

The bills would help transparency, so people know what money is being spent and why and where it is going. This means the companies will have to make sure their charges are logical and not just extreme forms of inflation.