For many mothers who have just given birth to their babies, post-partum depression is a startling reality. This is because they think that their babies being born should be the most magical point in their life and there is no reason to be depressed. That just isn’t true.

Post-partum depression affects hundreds of thousands of woman a year and can be quite scary and dangerous. It can affect 1 in 9 mothers after they give birth to their new babies. Mothers experience intense bouts of sadness or intrusive thoughts that could lead to them harming themselves or their baby. They are impulsive and uncontrollable, and it can lead to very dangerous situations.

The FDA is approving a new intravenous drug called brexanolone, which the brand name will be Zulresso. This drug will be a game changer for so many women. Many medications don’t work in the treatment of post-partum depression. Instead, they can have little to no effect or even lead to drug addiction.

This type of drug will be one of the first of its kind that can provide immediate relief to mothers in need. There were a few side effects like dizziness, headaches, and fatigue but nothing more severe than that. The treatment itself takes about 60 hours which can be hard for some women to get when accounting for money and time.

400,000 infants a year are born to mothers who are currently depressed. This new drug being approved is a game changer and a breakthrough for women everywhere. It gives a new chance to mothers who might be suffering and see no way out. Especially when they have tried drugs before and noticed no effect which made them feel even more hopeless.

The best part is that within 12 hours the effects are felt by the mother. That means it is a quick and almost immediate relief, which is necessary when you’re feeling depressed after having a child. This type of drug can be used when other drugs have failed and prevented overprescribing of drugs that don’t work but can cause addiction.

This can help overall with the opioid drug addiction epidemic that we have here in the United States by actually providing a service and replacing what might only do more harm than good.