There are many people that we find we have to trust in our society to deal with drugs. That includes doctors, pharmacists, cops, and paramedics. This is because someone has to handle dangerous substances that can do both harm and good. drugs are a necessity to provide treatment, pain relief, and more.

Sometimes that trust is misplaced though. Anyone can abuse a position of power. That has been shown time and time again throughout history. It’s just a low blow when you learn that those who are meant to help are not doing everything in their power to help.

Recently a few New York paramedics were arrested when caught involved with stealing drugs. Yes, their job is to help save people and instead they were just helping themselves to drugs. This is a great time to remember that drug addiction can affect anyone and it is a severe condition. No one who uses drugs is safe from this.

Specifically, two Town of Tonawanda paramedics were accused of stealing. They were thought to have been stealing them from a container that contained various confiscated drugs at police headquarters. Yes, they were taking drugs that were already on the streets and bringing them back out there.

They were arrested on suspicion of having these controlled substances and had stolen them because they were both addicted to opiates. They originally came under suspicion because one of the thieves was found to be emptying the container for the drugs by himself when he was meant to have a partner. This was, of course, meant to discourage theft and hold them accountable.

He ended up being investigated because of this, and it turned out to be a theft to help fuel his opioid addiction.

Another great time to talk about opioid addiction. It can happen to anyone and doesn’t mean people start shooting up heroin on the streets. It can start from something as simple as pain killers. Being injured can be painful which is where pain killers come in handy. It can be far to easy to grow addicted to pain killers because they can produce an attractive high.

Of course, over time this addiction can get worse which leads to drug seeking behavior. As an example of drug-seeking behavior, the two paramedics that stole drugs from their place of work.