When someone is addicted to drugs they no longer have any rhyme or reason when it comes to drugs. It doesn’t matter who it may hurt, themselves or their loved ones, and they do anything to get to the drugs they need. In fact, drug-seeking behavior is one of the signs of an addiction problem.

This can be a huge problem if someone is addicted and also is around drugs in their line of work. This was the case in Mason City, Iowa when a woman who worked as an administrative assistant for the local police department was arrested. At the police department where she worked, there was a site for confiscated medications, and she ended up stealing from there to fuel her drug addiction.

It can seem crazy that addicts will risk everything to get a fix, but that is what addiction does. It alters brain chemistry and entirely can change how people act. Drugs make it so that a person’s mind and body believe they can’t function without it and that drugs are more important than anything.

drugs are a hidden killer because often we trust our doctor to prescribe them to us. It is so easy to be tricked because you think it is safe because your doctor said so. It is only safe taken as prescribed and too quickly it can lead to addiction.

This is why the United States has an opioid crisis on its hand, which is what causes situations such as the woman being arrested for her stolen drugs. People who lead otherwise safe and healthy lives no longer know what to do in the face of their addiction.

This woman ended up with one year of probation as punishment for her crimes.