drug prices in the United States have been crazy high for a while now, and it is a huge debate among many states. One of these states currently involved in discussions is Texas.

High drug prices happen because pharmaceutical companies basically run the business. They decide what medications can be covered by insurance and how much things costs. They really tend to drive up prices even on medicines that either used to cost less or currently do in other countries.

The companies deciding all of this are not even based in Texas, so they definitely don’t care how it may affect the state or community or anything at a local level. That also means they don’t take the market into account.

Patients end up having to use specific pharmacies to get drugs at an affordable price as they are instructed or else they have to pay higher. Why is this something that pharmaceutical companies want?

That’s because the out of state companies control the whole market. No one else really has a say so that means they can do it the way they want to. Finally, we live in a time where policymakers are taking note of this kind of thing and are trying to do something about it.

State legislators are starting to look into how this process works and seeing where customer’s savings are going. Sometimes this is sketchy at best so taking a closer look can cause these companies to tighten up.

There are currently two bills being put up for a suggestion to help with these problems. One bill is meant to fix the fact that there is not enough oversight for the company, meaning no one really checks what is going on and makes sure rules are followed. This needs to change. This means the companies can charge more for the medications that they need to and then not reimburse any money.

It would also make sure that some less hidden fees and practices can result in higher payments because that is another thing these companies do.

There are plenty of local pharmacies in Texas that could use this business too so why not make sure they have to take them into account and help small businesses also. Holding the drug market accountable is something that everyone across the country should commit to because we need it, we really do.