Unless you live under a rock, then you are probably aware that the United States has been experiencing an opioid epidemic for the last decade. People are overdosing every day on opioid drugs like painkillers, street drugs like heroin, or synthetic pain killers like fentanyl. This has been a terrible problem that has only been getting worse, and now for the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, we have updated numbers to support that statement.

In the last 14 months, opioid overdose rates have gone up by a startling 30 percent across the United States. Not all overdoses that were counted within this study ended up being fatal, but they still counted toward the numbers.

The results show that the overdose rates are increasing for everyone. They are rising across all gender and age ranges in all states and all regions. It’s insane that the problem is only getting worse and at such an intense pace.

The reports stated that overdoses just increased in all types of cities and towns meaning it didn’t discriminate. Anyone can be affected by the opioid epidemic, and it doesn’t matter where you live or what type of person you are. Addiction is still an addiction and holds all of the same dangers.

Heroin has gotten more common and easier to access over the years which is a drug that a lot of people turn to and fentanyl is sadly all over the streets or laced in with other drugs.

Communities can help combat this by having better treatment services for those with addiction and supplying naloxone. Naloxone is a drug that is meant to reverse the effects exclusively of an opioid overdose. It stops the drug in its tracks and removes it which can save lives.

This drug is available to cops, and paramedics mean they can apply it those who have overdosed immediately. The sooner it is given then, the more likely the person will survive the incident with no side effects. It is an amazing drug that should be used by all communities to help combat this issue.